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Welcome to shoujo_daily~ The community name is obviously inspired by yaoi_daily though this community, as the name should also suggest, will focus strictly on shoujo manga, of the mostly heterosexual sort ^^; Shoujo manga may be generically classified as manga oriented towards women as opposed, for example, to shounen manga, which in general is targeted at males. This sort of definition does not preclude a great deal of stylistic and thematic variety within the genre. BL and yaoi manga may in fact be considered a sub-genre of shoujo since they cater to a predominantly female readership. However, for the purposes of this community, we will primarily be including shoujo manga titles (we're also including doujinshi and novels) which are not yaoi or BL. (Matt Thorn has some interesting thoughts about what is shoujo and what is not shoujo in this article as well as providing a list of what he considers to be shoujo manga).

Since the community is still pretty new, we'll thrash out problems in definition or classification (this also goes for making qualifying distinctions re: other sub-genres of shoujo manga like fantasy, sci-fi, OL manga, gakuen romance, etc) if and when we meet them. However, we think that any fan who's read a few titles or who has been exposed to fandom discussions already has a general idea of just what we're talking about here.

In shoujo_daily, we hope to compile a database of shoujo manga through soliciting reviews/manga scans by members of titles which they're particularly interested in promoting to and sharing with the rest of the community. .Please note that the purpose of the comm is not to pimp out download links but to share images and reviews.

We also welcome Korean manwha and Chinese graphic novels, as long as they're of the shoujo genre.

1) Each post containing a review or description of a manga title must be structured as such--

In the subject line of your entry, please indicate the following: [Review or Sharing] Title - Artist of the manga. (If posting screencaptures, then there's no need to include the "artist". Just the "[Review/Sharing] Title" would suffice.)

If you can, please also add tags to your entry by typing in the Title, Artist. When doing this, especially for the Artist/Author portion, please check to make sure whether someone else has used a tag with that title/artist/author before (i.e. For Yoko Kamio, check if someone else has posted Kamio Yoko and post the manga under that instead of starting a new tag. If the Title you are sharing has a more "popular" name other than the original japanese title, then it might be helpful to add that in as well.

In the entry itself, please include the following information:

Artist/Author/Doujinshi Circle:
Status: (Finished/Unfinished)
Category: Manga, Anime, Novel, Doujinshi
Fandom: (To be included only if the title in question is a doujinshi)
Pages: (Number of scans/images included in your entry: Maximum of 15 per day)
Keywords: (Optional)
No. of volumes, if applicable:
Serialized in: (Optional)
Publishing company: (Optional)
Official website: (Optional)
Licensed: Y/N (If officially licensed and translated in countries other than Japan, please indicate the publishing company or companies which picked up the title).
Scanlations: Y/N (If the title is being scanlated, please provide links to the scanlators' websites or IRC channels. Also indicate whether the scanlations are complete or incomplete).
Translations: Y/N (If the title is a novel and there are fan translations online, please link to them if you can. You may also post links to purely text translations of manga, especially if they're already licensed and scanlations have been dropped or discontinued).

a) REVIEWS: While the review does not have a word count limit, it must be posted under LJ-CUT. Please make sure to keep spoiler content to an absolute minimum.

You are required to include at least some visual content to go along with your entry. If you are writing a review, a cover image will do, so as to give potential readers an idea of the art style of the manga. (If you want to include panels from the manga, they must not exceed fifteen pages. Screencaps from an anime series must not exceed fifteen captures as well. Please do not direct-link to images hosted in other people's websites without their permission. If you have no webspace of your own for uploading images, try Photobucket).

b) SCANS: You may choose not to write a review and only post scans, as in yaoi_daily. As mentioned earlier: you may only post up to fifteen (15) images (screencaps, manga scans) per day. Screencaps must not exceed fifteen captures as well. If you don't want to copy-paste images straight onto your entry, just post links :)

All images must be posted under lj-cut.

3) If you are sharing images (scans, screencaptures, etc), with sample pages for a "Review" post excluded, please friends-lock that post. Therefore, if you're posting a review (even with sample images), you may post it publicly. Otherwise, if your intent is to share images daily, then please lock that post.

4) You may provide download links of manga chapters/volumes (whether raw or scanlated) and anime episodes (raw or subbed) if you wish, but you are not required to do so.

We also understand that some may want to share manga titles which are long series (i.e. Hana Yori Dango, Hanakimi) and it would be very tedious to post 15 pages everyday for those titles, therefore we will allow you to post chapter or volume download links daily, as long as it meets these conditions:

Daily Chapter Downloads
a) The title must currently have at least 30 chapters [of the type you're sharing:
      If you are sharing scanlations of a manga which currently has more than 30 chapters in "raw" format, but hasn't all been scanlated (i.e. only 10 chapters are scanlated) please post images daily unless you are willing to share the raw chapters as well. ]

b) Please provide a minimum of 5 pages of scans from the chapter itself before proceeding to the download link. You can post the first 5 pages, your favorite scenes from the chapter, or whatever you like as long as those images can be found within the chapter itself.

c) You may only provide 1 chapter for download per day.

Daily Volume Downloads
a) The title must currently have at least 15 volumes [of the type you're sharing:
      If you are sharing scanlations of a manga which currently has more than 15 volumes in "raw" format, but hasn't all been scanlated (i.e. only 10 volumes are scanlated) please post images or chapter downloads daily unless you are willing to share the raw volumes as well. ]

b) Please provide a maximum of 15 pages of scans from the volume itself before proceeding to the download link. You can post the first 15 pages, your favorite scenes from the volume, or whatever you like as long as those images can be found within the volume itself.

c) You may only provide 1 volume for download per day.

Once again, please do not direct-link torrents or downloadable files in other people's web sites and forums without authorization.

5) Additional information which you may include in your post. Purely optional:

Links to fan websites/fan listings/lj communities:
Downloadable fandom resources: (this may include official OSTs, icons, and avatars).

6) In conclusion, a typical post to the community will look like this:

Subject: [Sailormoon] [Naoko Takeuchi]

In the entry itself:

Title: Sailormoon
Artist: Naoko Takeuchi
Status: Finished
Category: Manga/Anime
Warnings/Ratings: None
Pages: 1
Keywords: Romance
No. of volumes, if applicable: 18
Serialized in: Nakayoshi
Publishing company: Nakayoshi
Licensed: Yes (Tokyopop)
Scanlations: N/A
Translations: N/A
Review: *insert text under lj-cut / Scans *insert images under lj-cut

Links: moonromance.net

1) No introductory posts, please. They will be deleted.

2) Please do not post entries requesting manga. If you're interested in seeing a particular title reviewed, comment to this thread. Otherwise, requests will be deleted without notice.

3) Please do not take doujinshi scans posted in this community and use them for your gallery or to create icons and wallpapers without permission.

4) There are no exclusive claims to manga titles, meaning that just because a title has been reviewed or featured doesn't mean that it can't be reviewed again, as long as entries follow the required format for posting.

If the series has been reviewed or if someone has already posted scans of it, please try to link to these entries.

5) The admin are looking into various erm gimmicks to widen the scope for discussion in the community, such as holding special featured mangaka sections and so on. More on this later.

6) If you have questions or suggestions about the community, please post a comment in the FAQ thread.

*Links and Resources

Emily's Random Shoujo Manga Page
Shoujo Manga@zaha.net

*Please support shoujo manga(ka)
Amazon Japan (for original Japanese versions)
Hanbooks (for original Korean versions)
Amazon.com (for English licenses)
Chapters (for English licenses [ship to Canada])

thefulcrum (for the layout template)

Links to websites and livejournal communities are welcome at the resources thread

Moderators are rinslet and team7. Please feel free to contact them at weloveshoujo{at}gmail.com or visit the admin journal at weloveshoujo. Thank you.